ITERG celebrates its 80th anniversary!

Our historical film

Testimonials from the two previous directors

Guillaume CHANTRE Managing Director from 2010 to 2021

Frédéric STAAT Managing Director from 2000 to 2009

ITERG, a pioneer in oils and fats research and Services , proudly marks eight decades of continuous commitment to innovation for the benefit of the industry.

Over the years, ITERG has adapted to the changing needs of society, and is now a key player in food and environmental transitions.

Since its inception, ITERG's research teams have been dedicated to developing and promoting healthy food products that benefit our health.
In addition, whether in the field of oil extraction, the production of meal, or chemistry from plant biomass, ITERG continues to innovate to optimize process efficiency, offer innovative biobased products and reduce the industry's environmental impact.


Over the past two years, the Institute has extended its expertise to the plant protein sector, helping to diversify food protein sources. This expansion is part of our commitment to meeting the complex challenges facing industry.

Working closely with its professional federations (FNCG), interprofessional federations (Terres Univia) and the Terres Inovia technical center, ITERG has established solid, trust-based partnerships with industry, academic institutions, national public bodies and the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, playing an essential role in promoting the competitiveness of the fats and oils sector.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all our staff, customers and partners who have helped make ITERG an internationally renowned institution.

ITERG's eight decades of innovation and commitment are an inspiring testament to what can be achieved when science, industry and the community work together for the common good.

Together, we will continue to work towards a healthier future for mankind and the planet. We are convinced that our path will continue to be punctuated by successes and significant advances in valorizing biomass and agro-resources, and making the bioeconomy a sustainable industrial and societal reality.

Extracts from our guestbook

"ITERG and the olive-growing sector have a long-standing love affair... I hope it lasts...".

Olivier NASLES

France Olive

"80 years old, in great shape! Andready to face the future with all its uncertainties. I wish you a beautiful future that will help accelerate the transitions we so desperately need."

Monique AXELOS


"[...] We're delighted to see our development continuing apace. [...] Long live ITERG and prosper! [...]"

Guillaume CHANTRE


"[...] We hope that the adventure will continue for a long time to come, and thank you for this collaboration and sharing with your fine team."



"[...] The strong turnout demonstrates the attachment of all stakeholders to ITERG and its staff. Congratulations on all your achievements, and we look forward to celebrating further successes."

Paul-Joël DERIAN

April Group

"What anenergetic birthday celebration! Well done! And a special mention for the beautiful film."

Marie-Sabine GAVOIS


"Happy birthday to ITERG at the heart of its ecosystem".



"Very nice anniversary, congratulations to all and looking forward to the granite nuptials."

Jean Philippe PUIG

April Group

"A long and successful career. Looking forward to the future!"