Resourcing ERDF

  • Study of the parameters that influence the bioavailability of lipid and protein nutrients
  • Importance of fat or fat-soluble nutrient intake in the prevention of metabolic syndrome
🟩 GREEN CHEMISTRY (Innovative products and processes)
  • Development of new lipid, lignocellulosic and resin synthons for the production of specialty bio-based polymers
  • Formulation
  • Processes
  • Analytical development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Eco-design

The ambition of ITERG is to build bridges between economic actors from different backgrounds in the service of a territorial innovation dynamic.

The objective is to contribute to the structuring of sustainable biobased value chains within the territory. The project presented allows ITERG to diversify its skills in new areas such as animal feed, plant proteins, cosmetics and the emergence of new biosourced sectors.

The aim is to consolidate a capacity for scientific resources and technological maturation for players in plant biomass chemistry and agri-food, thus laying the foundations for an original model of "territorial bio-refinery".